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Answers? NO. Ideas? YES! 06/05/2010

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Thank you “all” so much for letting me get all that outta my system. I’ve had a couple of breaks in the last few days that are helping me clean out the cobwebs, and get back to myself. At least, start THAT whole process.

First off, I’m going to take a break from Quick Weight Loss Centers. I wasn’t doing very well at it, and frankly, going in there three times a week and listening to them tell me that being social is “so easy” on the plan, I just need to stick to it, and that “one glass of wine will stuck to your hips for weeks”, really made me feel guilty about the whole thing. SCREW A WHOLE BUNCH OF THAT. You know? I’ve lost about 17 pounds, and not all of it has been because I denied myself the pleasure of food and drink. A whole lot of it was because I am learning that sometimes just a taste is enough, and two bites of something totally sinful really will satisfy me, but I am also learning that when my body/brain needs chocolate? Baby, do NOT get in my way, and I’m NOT going to be made to feel guilty about it.

I’m re-reading Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel, and frankly, she lays it all out so well, and she’s just right.  She talks a lot about “banking foods” which is the best idea I’ve heard in a LONG time. It means that if you eat, for example, a piece of chocolate cake? Then for the next few meals, you don’t have dessert, or carbs, or the other way around, if you eat salad and raw veggies for a few days, then when you go out on the weekend, that piece of dessert won’t kill you. I LOVE IT! It’s the most sane dieting advice I’ve heard, ever. (I’m not receiving any sort of compensation for this, but I do love Bethenny, and if she wants to send me a SkinnyGirl Margarita? I’m down).

So, I’m not giving up on dieting, and I’m not going to stop watching what I eat, and I’m SURE AS SHIT not going to gain any of that weight back. In fact, I still plan on losing about 60 more pounds, but I’m going to do it slowly, and sensibly, and if that means I’m not in a swimsuit this summer? I’ll do it by next summer. I’m only 25, I have many more summers to go, and I need to do this to change the way I feel about food. period.

Also, I got some supperhappyfunland news from my endocrinologist. My thyroid meds are WORKING, like really well, and I’m on the right dosage, and if I play my cards right, and lose the weight, I might be able to go off of them! YAY! I mean, if I have to stay on them forever that’s totally cool, but I just really want my thyroid to work. See, my aunt had to have her thyroid removed, and it was probably due to cancer, so, if I’m well enough to go off the meds, that mean I wouldn’t have cancer, right? Well, whatever, it makes sense in my head.

Then, I went and took the census takers test, and I kicked it’s ASS. The guy giving me the test said I did great, and they should call me soon. Which would be great, cause it’s really hard to look for a job when you are sharing a car with your husband. He either has the car, or needs to be picked up, and I don’t see how one car (permanently) families do it. In Houston. In the dead of summer when no one in their right mind would wait on a bus if they didn’t have to.

I guess what I mean to say is, I put all my needs and wants out into the universe, and along with a serious perspective change (thank you Tara, no sarcasm, you always say what I need to hear), and things are starting to look better.

Besides, it could be worse, I could be friends with Jill Zarin, right?!



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  1. tara Says:

    Eh, I’m a Virgo – dispensing my opinion, whether solicited or not, is my birth right. 😉

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