The rarest of breeds

A cross contamination experiment

Blogosaurus. 17/05/2010

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Like the title? It has no relation to what you are about to read. Mostly cause I can never think of a title for these things, even when I have something semi-interesting to write about.

Well, we had the surprise party for Huggy, and it went really, really, surprisingly well. I didn’t get completely trashed and yell, and I also didn’t flip out. Except when HB was asking me to multi task and come up with a bar to go to, and I yelled” They’re YOUR friends, it’s YOUR party, YOU figure it out.” Did I mention that I did have just enough to drink to not want to multi task, not to mention the fact that I’d been planning for three weeks, and DIDN’T WANT TO PLAN ANYMORE?! Oh, right, that. But I apologized almost immediately after, so I don’t think there was any damage done.

This was after HB and I had a pretty intense argument a few days before, and while I’m not going to describe the “discussion” here, as it is non of your beeswax, I will suggest that I was “invited” to “sleep on the couch” and “find a new husband/(figurative)punchingbag”.  I hadn’t slept in several days, and the dog had just peed on the bed. After the party, HB saw why I was so incredibly stressed, and I think we agreed no more surprise parties, as I CANNOT keep a secret and be calm about it. Enough.

It was a fantastic party, and if you are looking for  Houston-area restaurant to host a party, I strongly recommend Stella Sola, .

Here’s my turn signal before I take a SHARP left turn.

I collect china and serveware. It’s a completely silly thing to collect in a one bedroom apartment with 4 (!) animals, but, I love china, and teapots, and egg dishes, and things like that. In fact I spend a LOT of time in thrift stores scanning aisles just looking for some sweet teacups, and the like. I am not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I use to live like a gypsy in the night. I could pack my whole life into my car and be gone in a few hours. and I loved it. Notsomuch anymore. I have two sets of china, my own and my grandmothers, several mismatched place settings that I’ve found through the years, many, many plates and cups and things like that from our wedding (not as gifts, but as decor, we purchased plates and used them rather than renting). Teapots and service, too.

This is a genetic condition, as my father instilled this love for breakable things in me, after his own mother instilled it in him. (lets also examine the clutziness gene that comes from that side of the family) So, sometimes Daddy will give me something unique, and lovely, and fantastic, and today was a special day in collecting for me.

Another TEAPOT!

It actually comes with two cups and saucers, and blah blah blah. I know this isn’t some fancypants uber-expensive piece. But, what I love about the things that I collect is that I will USE them, and I can have pretty things to look at AND use! This is the Ava teapot from Marquis by Waterford. I love it.

Also, later this week, you will find me, once again, rearranging all of my china in my breakfront to accommodate my new baby.

Now I need to find some blooming tea.

Tomorrow night I’m going to try a recipe for a chicken breast marinade and the main ingredient is ROOT BEER! I’m excited. I’ll let you know how it turns out.



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