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Lazy blogger alert… 27/05/2010

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an exchange, scene: Cracker Barrel, 9:30, after all day crawfish boil, where we have about 30 beers between three people (4 for me, 2 for HB, the rest for Bob) not to mention 10 jello shots, and about three crawfish.

Bob: I hate hunting, you have to get up early, and you can’t drink.. it just sucks. Everyone at my college did it, and I did it once and decided I’d rather sleep when I’m on vacation. But fishing is fun. You go out any time of day, and you drink and you can piss off the boat..

HB: But I thought boats were so even-tempered…

Bob: NO! I mean you can, like..piss…off..a..boat…Like pee?

HB: uh huh..

<five minutes of inane chatter later>

Bob: ….I’M SO SLOW!!! OH MY GOD!

HB: Well, what I SHOULD’VE said was “but boats are so even-keeled”, get it?!

Me:< ……crickets……….>


2 Responses to “Lazy blogger alert…”

  1. koshershiksa Says:

    I’m going to see how long I can avoid blogging about my intense, irrational disappointment in Sex and The City 2.

    Wait, if it sucked it’s totally rational, right?

    And there, I just commented on my own blog with no set up.


    p.s. at least I’m not blathering on about how crazy I am, right?!

  2. tara Says:

    your husband? he’s a keeper! 🙂

    but isn’t bad Sex better than no Sex at all?

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