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Unplugged 31/05/2010

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I deleted my twitter account. I know it seems like not that bigga deal. But really, it kinda is. I’ve been thinking for a little while that we are simply too “plugged in”. Hubs and I spend a lot of time on our phones looking at twitter, looking at facebook, reading about what’s going on with other people and not really thinking about whats in front of us.

I’ve tried to institute nights where we don’t have our phones out, and no computers, but it usually goes over like a lead balloon. made of speaker wire.  tied in knots. that hubs needs to take apart..NOW.  I know that I can’t change him. But it really is important to have nights off from technology and all that.  So we generally have dinner with no phones. It usually works, and I’m okay with small steps.

But I can change me. I can change the way I relate to the world. I’ve already made my vehicle a no text/internet zone, and I try pretty hard to not talk on the phone. But it’s hard. Since I’ve had my driver’s license I’ve had a cell phone, so that’ll be a hard habit to kick, but I’m working on it.

I’m also trying to cut back on stupid blogs I read that aren’t really about anything besides shopping. I know that there is a direct correlation between reading these blogs and wanting what I can’t/shouldn’t have. I mean, I’m a student, I don’t need a fancy Chanel purse. Also, reading about all the clothing lines that don’t carry my size? Not super good for me, since I tend to get really discouraged and fall apart after reading about Lilly Pulitzer’s new line that only goes to size ten. bitch.

So, I guess this post is about mid year “Hopes”. It’s time for the Shiksa family to unplug and unwind. I mean, people use to have something to talk about that they didn’t read on facebook or twitter. We use to not be so all into each others lives, minds and closets.

Which means.. this is goodbye. I’m deleting this blog. It was fun. But I think I was letting too much go on here. I’ve gotten into a little trouble by airing some dirty laundry, and it doesn’t feel good. It may all be in my head, but even if it is, it’s gotta stop.

I’m still gonna read y’alls blogs and comment, but for me? This is over, and I need to get back into my own life and start living my life off the internet.And please understand that I’m not judging anyone. This is about me and my limitations.

Red Beans and Ricely Yours.


2 Responses to “Unplugged”

  1. misslola2010 Says:

    i will miss you. i understand your need to unplug, but maybe in moderation? sometimes, i think blogging is like having a really great friend who listens to all your garbage and doesn’t say anything, just listens. everybody needs a soundboard and sometimes just throwing out there into the world is enough to keep us sane. sometimes you don’t want or need an answer, you just need to get it off of your chest. i know that is what i use mine for. i admire you for taking a step back, and just wanted let you know you have friends here and in the world when you need them.

    • koshershiksa Says:

      Thanks, as you can see, it’s not gone yet. And I may come back in a new (and improved) way. But this feels right, for right now. I guess maybe I should say “hiatus”. But I’m not sure that’s what this is. Oh well.
      You and Mr. Lola are such great friends to me and Hubs, and I really appreciate you. So much. I can’t say how much your friendship means to me, and when LuckyMaxOchoCinco meets Matzoh? I think we’ll be planning a wedding together, anyway. HA!

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