The rarest of breeds

A cross contamination experiment

glossary…trust me, you need it. 29/12/2009

Kosher: hebrew/yiddish word that literally means “clean”, or “pure”. Usually relates to food, but here? My life and myself are “kosher”. It’s a joke cause I converted to Judaism.

Shiksa: yiddish- a girl who is NOT Jewish. Usually has a negative connotation. Like Bubbe talking about her grandson the nice Jewish doctor dating his slutty shiksa secretary.  The male counterpart is shegetz (SHAY-getz). The term goy is unisex.

Meshigoss: yiddish for nonsense, derivative of meshugeh:crazy person

AEH: my Maid of Honor, and a very close friend, introduced me to HB.

HB:Huggy-Bear:my husband.

My Gay: my friend who is gay, and goes to the bars with me, I am his goldilocks. (See a theme?)

Mojo Jojo: a close friend that ends up being a good source of reality.

CMA: my best friend, did I tell you about the time CMA and I did that? Well, I’m about to.

Adorable and Cuteness: a bro and sis that I baby-sit for. As the names imply, the cutest kids in the world.

C-Bear: my older sister, this is what her husband calls her, really.

T-Bear: my brother-in-law, this is what his wife calls him, really

Mr and Mrs. Lola: just really fine people, and Mrs. Lola is a stupendous friend.

Lady B: and fantastic realtor, and superlative friend. Sir B is a great guy and they have an amazing child, Lady Allie.

NTTAWTT: Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

RBARY: Red beans and ricely yours.


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